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CompleteMasti Core Pack (500 Total Cards) (Pre-Order V2 For March)

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Pre-order the next version of our game that incorporates your feedback and comes in a sleek box! We ship in March!

The core pack includes 180 Prompts and 320 responses to keep you busy for hours!

Purchase the booster pack for an additional 500 responses to ensure you can play for hours with large groups of people!

Complete Masti Description:

Complete Masti is a card game designed to be played in groups of 3-12 people. It asks each player to take turns judging the most appropriate answer or fill-in for various desi sentences and phrases submitted by other players. The goal is to submit 7 winning cards to win the game.

Game Rules 

  1. Shuffle each card type separately. 
  2. Hand each person 7 orange cards.
  3. Start off designating one person as the judge, and then take turns going around the circle. There can only be one judge at a time!
  4. Each judge will randomly choose a purple card. For example, it might say “One thing I cannot live without: ___”
  5. Each player must choose one of their seven cards that would best complete the sentence based on the judge’s preferences.
  6. The judge will read the submissions out loud, and choose the winner. That player will receive the purple card. 
  7. The first person to win 7 purple cards, wins